Saturday, 11 February 2012

oooh, oooh! look at what arrived in the mail!

Well, they are here!  Seeds for spring planting have arrived.  So full of promise, I can't stand it!

This year, my garden friend and I have decided to start the entire vegetable garden by seed only.  A challenge, perhaps, but then so were the inferior starter plants of last year. 

As mentioned earlier, there will be some changes.  The zucchini and cucumbers will be relegated to a cucumber frame located on the outside of the garden rectangle, the plant roots only on the garden side, the actual plants not.  Also, this year, we are looking forward to planting a giant half-barrel with some everbearing strawberries.

Most of these seeds will go directly into the ground, requiring vigilant watering and protection, but should prove worth the extra attention.  Also, we have tried to go organic-seed only and heritage, too.  Here in southern Quebec the growing season may seem short to some, longer to others, but always intense with rapid growth and challenging weather.  Can't wait!


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