Thursday, 6 October 2011

new day, next day

Yes, it is a glorious new day here on our island.  The sun is being brilliant and plans to be for the next five days.  Kinda makes me feel bad for my partner who struggled a giant hibiscus back into the house for the winter.  Okay, the weather report said frost, and maybe I panicked just a little given that the hibiscus spent her summer on the protected, very hot, back patio ... a closed in area that provides me a location for very early starts, i.e tomatoes in April as it is always five or more degrees hotter back there.  Oh, well, hibiscus is in the house now, a great deal larger than she was when we put her out in the spring.  Hopefully, this winter, the plant will NOT develop whitefly, requiring me to cut her down drastically.  We shall see.
I have of course been reading other garden blogs, primarily Crafty Gardener, Ontario.  Over time, just maybe, I can emulate her prolific abilities.  Like her, I love gardening, birds, photography.  I also enjoy kayaking, we have a beautiful area for such. 
The leaves are turning all colors this week, falling gracefully into me gardens, telling me to just enjoy it all for now, garden clean-up can wait until after the frost.  Partner agrees.

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