Thursday, 20 October 2011

Spectacular Sedum, Sedum spectabile

Sedum spectabile, a true show-off in any garden, a treat to the eyes from the very first, tight little spring bud right through to the fall.  Unless, that is, your sedum has fallen outwards and buried the surrounding plants!

Here are some photos demonstrating the difference when a strong support is placed around the young sedum.

Simply create a circle around the young plant in the spring using plastic mesh, cut to a height of about 18 inches.  Hold it in place by weaving sticks through the mesh and into the ground.  In no time at all, shoots will grow, some of them through the mesh ... enough to hide it.  The rest of the plant will be forced into an upright growth.  Now your sedum will not be able to collapse onto the neighbouring plants and will look very bouquet-like throughout the season.

Note:  the sedum above is s. spectabile, 'Autumn Joy.'  A real bee magnet.  I have never seen a white-colored one, but they do exist.  Nor have I been able to find (yet) 'Matrona' , which has purple-green leaves and purple stems, along with darker pink flowers; similar to 'Vera Jameson'.

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