Saturday, 29 October 2011

visitors to the garden

This is a quiet time in the garden.  Gone are the buzzes and drones and hums of insect, gone are the chirps and whistles of the birds.  The sound of wind is still there, but it carries with it a chill.  Of course, the garden has gone from greens and showy colors to the colors of autumn.  I am in no hurry to strip away all the foliage, I prefer to leave at least some seed-bearing pods for the birds, such as the echinacea and sedums provide.  And why rush to cut down those amazing yellows and purples scattered here and there?  That being said, yesterday was a good day (warm and sunny) to remove the Morning Glory and Climbing Nasturtium vines from the fencing.  Because even the fencing is "seasonal".  This fencing encloses the front and side yards temporarily in spring, summer and fall.  As this house is on a street corner, that is all the town willl allow.  So, one day a year is spent putting it up and another day is spent taking it down.  Enjoying the amazing coverage provided by a few seeds is a three-season pleasure and well-worth the clean-up part!
The one constant throughout the year is the visitors; the mourning doves.  They arrived a few years ago, found my very rustic, home-made feeder, and decided to stay.  They have grown in number from one or two to about eight.  Must be the menu! 

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